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Betty Scarpino's wood sculpture combines fluid motion with intricate detail. Her creative energy draws people to her, and numerous awards have come her way.

Scarpino was born in 1949 in Wenatchee, Washington, USA. Her career began in the seventies, when she produced purely functional pieces. While these early years did not develop artistic innovation, Scarpino mastered the techniques that now create her sculptural and non-functional pieces. She has a degree in industrial arts from the University of Missouri where she also studied wood sculpture.

Scarpino works full time as a sculptor, writer, teacher, and printmaker. Her work is offered for sale in many fine art galleries throughout the United States.

"I like ambiguities and use them often in my work..."

"In any endeavour, there's always the unknown: how will things turn out? Even ostensibly positive beginnings contain possible disaster."

"I have been working with wood for over thirty years, arriving at woodturning from a background in industrial arts and wood sculpture."

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